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It always amazes me how little people understand about Network Marketing. If you ask the average person what they know about multi level marketing, the first response is that it’s a pyramid scheme….Mind you, Direct sales, network marketing, MLM's, have been alive and well for over 50 years. Yet time and time again you hear people coming up with some really strange ideas about the industry.

Usually it's because of what they've heard from a relative or friend who may have tried the business for a hot minute, failed and then blamed the business for it not working.

The whole pyramid argument is so funny to me, considering Corporate America is the biggest pyramid scheme around! Think about it, no matter how hard you work, how much overtime you put in, the chances of becoming CEO or Vice president of the company you’re slaving for is probably slim to none.

Being a manager in a corporation is not always the most desired position either, since you are usually the first to go during those fabulously heartless corporate cut backs. What are people protesting these days? Corporate fat cats at the top of the pyramid triangle making all of the money, while the rest of the worker bee’s, who usually end up fighting each other most of the time, run themselves into the ground trying to get a little piece of the pie.

The beauty of Network Marketing, and why I fell in love with the concept, is that it is exactly the opposite of the corporate world. Network marketing is by far the purest form of free enterprise around today. I have completely fallen in love with this industry because I can see the endless potential contained within this system! One of the reasons people think it’s a scam is due to the ridiculous (and I say that in a good way), amounts of money that can be made in a relatively short amount of time, compared to the traditional business model.

1. You don't need to be highly qualified, you can enter into this business without the need of a degree or any particular experience.

I’ve seen this with my own eyes, I know what can be achieved if you really work hard in this business. I've seen what it has done for people, not only financially, but mentally and spiritually. Successful Network Marketers SEE the POSSIBILITIES! People who quit only see what they have or don’t have now instead of having a VISION of what can be.

2. Low entry costs. Which would you rather risk, a couple Thousand or a couple Hundred?

When I was a pre-teen my father would take me to his MLM meetings and seminars. I was so mesmerized by the energy there. The message was always that of freedom, growth and helping others, and those principles are incorporated within the mlm business model itself!  I listened intently to what they were saying, and even at that age, it all made so much sense to me. I was also aware that it scared me a little. Talking to people was scary for me back then, changes in myself would have to be made.

3. Flexible hours. You can run your business at any time you like. Part Time or full time, its your choice. Also, you're not tied to an office or corporate area to work from.

This is one of the reasons people quit. People aren't use to having to leave their comfort zone. The path of least resistance is always easier, but never profitable. The drop out rate in MLM's are high, it's not for everyone, but people who take on traditional businesses have a high fail rate as well, most of the time within 2-5 years. Why? Going into business for yourself is hard work regardless of which method you choose, but with the “brick and mortar” version, you have a lot more to lose.

4. Leveraged income capability. This is the major advantage of an MLM compared to a traditional business.You can receive a continuing (residual) income from a single initial effort.

There was a time before the Industrial Revolution where having your own home based business was the norm for the majority. Once technology came into the picture, the worker bee was created as a necessary player. No longer were you taught to go to school to learn a trade to be used in the family business. Focus is now base on learning how to work for someone else.

In the coming future, I believe that we will be leaning back towards individual ownership. This is a good thing for women especially. If you can make a living working from home you can spend more time with your family.

5. Personal Growth and Development. Network Marketing has always been viewed as an extensive source of personal growth and development for the marketer. Over time you not only achieve professional selling skills, but multi-level marketing helps to increase your personal relationship qualities and enhance your leadership abilities.

If you're looking to make your own way, spend more time with your family and friends, and have the opportunity to become financially independent, this could be a possible choice for you. Also, If you're already in an MLM and you're struggling for leads, try Online Marketing for traffic, it's a very lucrative alternative to going after your warm market.

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