Network Marketing Businesses: Profitable Alternative or Just a Scam?

Opinions are divided when it comes to network marketing businesses, with some saying they are viable and others calling them frauds. It’s true that in the past there have been cases in which scams have been discovered, but, let’s be real here: frauds occur in every business segment. Wherever there are people with dishonest intentions, others will suffer; history is filled with stories of bank and insurance frauds.

Also, have these people claiming that network marketing businesses are all scams ever asked themselves why they are allowed to function and why they have such a powerful presence around the world? The answer to that question is simple: this is perfectly safe and highly profitable business model that has already been approved by the FTC provided certain principles and rules are followed.

Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be on the lookout for scams, (which stands true for any kind of business field) anyone can take a viable business model and turn into something illegal. Normally, if something seems too good to be true, there is something behind it that is not quite right.

So let’s be clear here, network marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You will not make millions overnight, not even hundreds of thousands. What network marketing is, is a business platform that enables the active, (notice I said active) participant to earn income with the opportunity of acquiring financial independence, but not right off the bat. Network marketing requires a little patience and hard work, especially at in the beginning.

There are those who think network marketing is the same thing as a pyramid scheme. They are wrong. First, there is no such thing as a LEGAL pyramid scheme, so if an mlm company has been successfully operating for over 50 years, then the government has some “splaining” to do! A pyramid basically works on the principle of those at the bottom losing money so that the ones on top can make money and there usually is no valuable product involved. In the network marketing industry, each person has the potential of turning a profit based on his or her skills, understanding of the business, determination and efforts. For years now, network marketing has been making people around the world forget about their financial woes, and now it is an integrated component of the world’s economy.

“Network marketing businesses puts emphasis on training 100 people so that the trainer gets 1 percent of their efforts, instead of gaining 100 percent of 1 persons’ effort”- J. Paul Getty who by the way, made a fortune with network marketing. Like him, there are many others, thus proving that this system works amazingly well IF- and that’s a big ol’ fat IF, you know what you are doing and are willing to put in the time and effort.

Making money this way must also be done in an ethical and organized manner. Building your business making false claims may bring some results on the short term, but, in the long run, it is disastrous to the mlm industry, creates distrust and just makes it harder for honest people to make a profit. Economics 101: when no one buys, the seller suffers.

Are Network Marketing Businesses Scams?

Ummm,No! Network marketing businesses are not scams, are not illegal and are not pyramids. They are business model like any other, just one that is more advantageous compared to traditional enterprises. And like any other legitimate business, money will not miraculously start to flow your way just by clicking your heels three times.

It takes training, patience, planning and effort to be successful in any and all network marketing businesses.

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