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My father exposed me to Network Marketing at a very young age. He got into it after he retired from a very successful career in the navy for 20 some odd years of service. My dad wasn’t a big talker, building classic cars from scratch was more his forte. But after he discovered mlm, he committed himself to giving the "business" a try. I learned a lot in those days, traveling with my dad to different MLM meetings and out of town conferences. I also witnessed some of the difficulties that came along with getting a network marketing business started. Regardless, being exposed to that lifestyle really put the desire in me to some day own my own business, but the last thing I wanted to do was hit up my friends and family to join my awesome biz op.

I didn’t actually get into the business until I was a lot older. I chose my fathers company, he did pretty well in it, by the way. He had already passed over some years ago, so I had to find someone else to sponsor me in. My first mistake number one- don’t let just anyone sponsor you!. Do your homework to make sure this person is capable of training others and working the business themselves. I chose someone who had no idea what she was doing and subsequently provided zero help for me… It was a struggle and I didn’t have a very responsive warm market, if you know what I mean.

So, after spinning my wheels for a while, I decided to look to the internet for help. And I haven’t looked back since. I discovered Online Marketing and the Attraction Marketing strategy it used to attract leads. I was so excited! It made so much since to me so I started trying to learn as much as I could about it. Man, there was so much information on the net that I was spinning my wheels then too, trying to put all this stuff together, it was crazy! One night I was searching on the net, and I stumbled on a lady’s site that offered a free online boot camp on attraction marketing. I signed up immediately, and it was really good. This boot camp introduced me to MLSP or My Lead System Pro which at that time offered a trial for a dollar. I jumped in on that too. Now I can’t really say that this was mistake number two because I really thought the lady who I signed up with would be able to offer more help. NOT! She was M.IA too. I’m thinking to myself… "I’m seeing a pattern here; maybe I’m just suppose to learn this stuff on my own".

Actually, I’m glad I did because it forced me learn and rely on my own(and MLSP) efforts. Now, I’m able to do just about anything online.

Anyway, So after the trial was over I was hooked! There was soooo much training that was offered and phenomenal plug-in systems that I was in heaven! Looking back, I wouldn’t even know how to build a website or anything other online marketing strategy if it wasn’t for MLSP.

So why did I leave?

It was really basic and something that so many other newbies trying to find success online experience. I didn’t really have a clear vision of what I wanted to with my business. Even though I had all these tools that I could use at my fingertips, I had no idea what to really do with it. And the crazy thing is I actually made a little money while I was there! But I couldn’t duplicate it because there was so much I didn’t get. When you don’t have a vision, you don’t have a plan and if you don't have a plan, you can't make goals to execute that plan!  It doesn't matter how many how many marketing tools you have in your arsenal.I also lacked the confidence needed to put myself out there.

So I .....ran like the wind

I decided to work on myself; my mind set, and try to do this online stuff on my own. During that time I had a few websites, but no real productive funnels and don’t ask me about creating my own campaigns and auto responder messages, man that sucked, I do it anyway for my own products, but eesh!. Talk about OVERWHELM AND FRUSTRATION! But I kept pushing through, and while I was trying to do it on my own the lights started to come on and I really began to understand online marketing and lead generation and attraction marketing and everything else, in a greater way. In fact, I started to teach it to other female entrepreneurs.

I began to develop a clearer vision of the kind of business I wanted to create, I had a plan and I had goals. And one day, while I was putting together an auto responder message, I thought to myself, "Crap, what am I doing!?" I started remembering that awesome Turn key System that MLSP had and all of the capture pages (with better auto responders than I could ever write) and training videos I could offer people and the ability to generate leads AND keep those leads for myself, unlike some affiliate systems out there.....

And back I went!

Here’s the part that I love because I love how the Universe works when you’re going in the right direction.

Timing is everything.

If you’ve been hanging around the net for any period of time you’ve probably heard the "100 percent commission" buzz. The creators of that company learned everything the know from MLSP, by the way, and they were some of the top earners in the system. Anyway, I wasn’t really feeling it when I first heard about it. I mean, yeah %100 commissions is a dream, but something about that business just didn’t resonate with me, ya know?

So I go back to MLSP after over a year of being away and what do you think they have in there system now? YES!! Affiliate products that offer 100 percent pure profits!! And the best thing about that is, NOW I know what to do with it!! Lol!

Don't get me wrong, It's still important to create your own products and systems, and I do. As time consuming as that all is, I know I have MLSP mastery to  make my work a whole lot easier and more profitable.

That’s my story. =)


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