Blog Vs. Websites- Find Out Which Is Right For You

Blog Vs. Websites 

A question that comes up a lot for me is; exactly what is the purpose of my blog? Is it there just to take up space? Do I use it to share my random thoughts and opinions about different subjects? Or is there actually a method to my madness? Well, it can be all of those things and more. If a blog site is something your are interested in exploring, it really just depends on your specific goals and what position you want to take on the world wide web.  Let's take a moment and see if I can shed some light on the subject 


Brief History

Coined in 1997 by Jorn Barger, the word "Blog" originates from the combination of the phrase, “Web Log”. The overall structure of a Blog resembles that of a regularly updated journal or diary that is posted on the Internet by the writer.

Now, I remember hearing about Blogs growing up, but back then it seemed the topics mainly consisted of political banter or some kind of breaking news report that you would not necessary hear about from mainstream media.

Today, you have a multitude of bloggers and topics ranging from the rants of a disgruntled network marketer or employee to the fashion advice of the “stylista”. Also, with the growing popularity of Online and Network Marketing, the blog site has become a “must have” tool of the trade. Why? Because of the ridiculous amounts of people you can reach through the Internet from all over the globe. I just had visitors from Brazil on my site! Crazy!! =) 

What’s the difference between a Blog and a Website? 

A blog is basically a free or hosted website that is formatted in a specific way that is distinctive from the traditional website. Unlike a web site, blogs utilizes both Pages and Posts. Pages are normally static in nature and is used to provide basic information on a particular subject, which usually never changes.

An example of a page would be a Contact Me page or an About Me page.  A Post on the other hand, located on the Home Page or as a separate area within your site, is one of the main elements that differentiate a blog from a website

It is made up of the ongoing and updated articles of the blogger, and also provides a section for the reader to comment and have a rapport with the blogger. The main purpose is to develop a relationship with your readers and if you have a business, provides you with  a list of potential clientele....The power is in the list.

The topic of these articles is determined by the type of blog site the individual is producing. In other words, subject matter is usually targeted to a specific demographic or group depending on the intentions of the blogger.  

In Essence, a blog is a more personal and intimate look at you; the writer/business owner, whereas a traditional website focuses mainly on your business, product or organization. If making money online through your products or services is a goal for you, then in order to be competitive these days,  you do need to develope an on online presence and  incorporate a website that showcases your business as well as maintaining a blog. 

People like to do business with someone they know and can trust. Utilizing a blog that showcases YOU the individual, gives people the opportunity to get to know who you are and provides a platform for branding yourself as well as your business. If you are a home business owner, it is even more important to market yourself through a blog.  


2 Basic Types of Blogs  

A Personal Blog is for those individuals who just enjoy writing or story telling, Student Blogs are good examples, or feel they have something important to share with others. If you fall in this category, go with a free hosted site like and start blogging! 

If you are a small business owner, online marketer or network marketer, then a Marketing Blog is for you. This kind of platform acts as your hub for everything else that you are doing. This is your headquarters, of sorts. 

It gives you the ability to leverage the Internet in order to promote your business more efficiently and economically. It affords you the capability of attracting targeted and qualified leads, as well as the opportunity to share something valuable of yourself to your potential site visitors, thus creating lasting relationships. If you dont have a product of your own to promote don't be afraid totake advantage of  affiliate marketing.

If you think a marketing blog is for you....

...then you will want to invest some time and money into a self hosted blog format like It is extremely user-friendly and can be set up quickly getting your business off the ground in record time. Understand that investing in a blog takes time and effort. Your blog must be updated regularly to keep your readers engaged and coming back for more.

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